Stress and water hygiene major influence on the animal

  • Effective against pathogenic bacteria such as E. colien Salmonella

  • Applicable to optimilize the intestinal flora

  • Improves water quality by pH-reduction

  • Stimulates protein digestion

  • Improves technical result

When to use Aeroforte

Aeroforte is most satisfactory used for respiratory alleviation during respiratory conditions, during periods in which the climate is (too)hot and after vaccinations.

Bone Booster and Egg shell booster.
Provides active phosphorus to support for high performance

  • Minerals with high effectivity.

  • Improves bone strength.

  • Improves eggshell quality.

  • Decreases the pH-value of drinking water.

  • Addition of mineral nutrients after diarrhoea.

  • Supports after vaccination.

Keeps your farm in optimal health.
Improve your birdā€™s performance & FCR

  • Stimulates growth.

  • Prevents xerophthalmia, muscular dystrophy, hemorrhages, polyneuritis, curled paralysis, anaemia, dermatitis.

  • Prevents adverse effects of heat strokes.

  • Helps in normal growth and hatchability of eggs.

  • Improve animal yield and feed conversion ratio.

Vitamins B group deficiencies.
During and after antibiotic treatment. Stimulant for cases of general weakness

  • Stimulant for cases of general weakness.

  • Stimulant of production.

  • As supportive therapy during and after antibiotic tratment.

  • In case of neuritis or nervous disorder, diarrhoea, anaemia and avitaminosis.

Isotonic, energetic, hydration.
Oral Solution.

  • Improves ionic and electrolytic dysfunctions.

  • Prevention and treatment of diarrhea.

  • Deshydration after transport.

  • Relieves the symptoms of heat stress.

Vitamin E and selenium in an oral solution

  • Stimulates growth.

  • Prevents muscular and nervous disorders.

  • Prevents muscle lesions, and diseases caused by nutritional deficiencies such as muscular dystrophy, encephalomalacia and exudative diathesis.

Heat stroke / Stress

Relieves the symptoms of heat stroke and stress.

Indicate when there is a lack of vitamin C.
Production stimulation.
Promotes the growth.

Optimizes liver functions.
Liver protection/Diuretic

  • Improving Liver functions.

  • Better FCR, Growth, and Lipotropic effects.

  • Supports the metabolim, especially liver and kidney.

  • Fatty Liver.

  • Reduces climatic Stress.

  • Activates intestinal peristaltism.

  • Stimulate the appetite.

Vitamin A,D3,E,C,K supplement.
Vitamins in an oral solution.

  • Regulates phosphorus and calcium metabolism avoids rickets and desmineralisation.

  • Prevents muscular and nervous disorders.

  • Reduces heat stress.

  • Protects alterations of substances that easily suffer oxidation.

  • Helps to strengthen the immune system.

Instinct of protection

Effective control of newborn diarrheas in calves and lambs None withdrawal period required

Dietetic complement for prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders (diarrheas)
and also important during recovery. During the first 6 (calves) and 4 (lambs) weeks of life.


Vitamin A, D3 and E in an oral solution.
INDICATIONS Indicate as a feed supplement when there is lack of vitamin A, D3 and E. Decreased egg laying and fertility; for increasing the resistance to diseases; under stress conditions: infectious diseases; rapid growth, high laying rates; parasitism; excessive heat, cold or humidity; vaccinations, medical or anti parasitic treatments; changes in housing or feeding. Stimulates production. It increases the growth rate.

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